What is Unit Dosing?

Unit dosing is the packaging of a single dose of medication in a non-reusable container. As one of the most vital tools in the pharmaceutical industry, this packaging allows doses to be taken and managed with ease.

Many Senior Citizens could remain in their own homes rather than a more expensive assisted living facility, if they have help organizing their medications.  Salmon Pharmacy can provide multi-dose packaging that organizes all of a patient’s medications according to the time they should be administered. All breakfast medications are in one pouch and noon medications in a second pouch and bedtime medications in a third pouch. No more wondering if the medication was taken or if your loved one remembered to take all the medications that should have been administered at any given time.  This service can usually be provided for $10/month including the monthly delivery to the patient’s home.  Ask our staff for details.

Our Unit Dosing Services Include

Unit of use, FDA-compliant bar codes
Product uniformity
Cost-effective packaging
Progressive packaging designs
Proven quality
Oral dosing
Outpatient Prepacks
Scheduled Medications
Custom Products

When Salmon Pharmacy builds a solution for you, we make sure we know your needs first and then design a solution to specifically meet them. Have questions? Ask our knowledgeable team about our many creative solutions for improving your dosage plans or contact our sister pharmacy, Premier Care Pharmacy at 801-607-2138

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